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If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a web hosting company for your website. Choosing a web hosting company is tough and when we say tough, we mean all the research and hard work that go into finding a good and efficient web host provider. A web host is a service provider that offers cloud-based server space for websites on internet, which includes space for all kinds of websites and blogs and email accounts, both as shared and dedicated servers. Sustenance of everything on the internet is based on how good your web hosting is and how much support it is providing. While choosing a web hosting provider, it is crucial to do proper and detailed research as your decision, or the chosen service provider, will have long lasting effect on your business.

While going for a web hosting company, there are several things that one should consider and whether the chosen web hosting is a good fit. However, before this, you need to make sure that you know what you want from the web host and how long you want to stick with it. Different websites come with different requirements and a web hosting that does not cater to your specific needs will not be a good choice. Before starting your search, take a pen and paper and list down the things that you expect from a web hosting service provider.

Some of the main things to consider while choosing a web hosting company include:

Cost Effective and Budget Friendly

Finance is the lifeblood of a business and, therefore, it is important to keep track of where it is going and how much is being used. When looking for a web hosting company, make sure that it is according to your budget; there may be some companies that are cost effective and offer same benefits as the companies that charge you heftily. However, price should not be the sole deciding factors as cheap companies may not offer you the same efficiency and support as some reasonably priced one. Tee best way to decide is to have a closer look at what they offer and charge both on sign up and renewal. Unless you want to hop from one web hosting to another every few years, it is important to have a clear picture of what you have to pay if you want to stay with the same web hosting company. Find the company’s ‘Packages’ page and look at the features of each package plus the renewal price.

Sufficient Storage and Bandwidth

While choosing a web hosting service provider, it is important to know that how much storage you will get. If your company were a small or midsized enterprise, then several gigabytes would be more than enough but if your business is significant then you need to know how much you can use and set the limit beforehand. Bandwidth goes side by side; bandwidth is the amount of data a web hosting service provider allows you and your visitors upload and download each month. For instance, when you upload your entire site, you will have used 1MB of data and if each of your visitors browses each one of your website’s pages then they would have used 1MB data, now multiple it with the number of visitors your website expects. When choosing a web host, make sure that you know the set limits of your bandwidth to avoid any future disturbance. At the time of choosing the web hosting service, choose the required storage and bandwidth limit and see for the charges for additional data.

Multiple Domain Add-on and Databases

Having multiple domains and sub domains is quite addictive and to manage them all, you need to have a web host that can handle all this additional load. Usually, web hosts do offer a number of accounts for additional domains that could be managed from the admin panel. The process makes it easier for website owners to own and manage multiple domains, which can be quite troublesome if you would have separate web hosting for every domain you own. Alongside domains, many web-hosting companies provide email accounts for your domains, if you are looking for a web host to host your company’s official website then this feature will come handy. Every website has a database and before settling with a web hosting service, make sure that it is offering support in your website’s chosen database. Usually, web hosts offer MYSQL support but if you have different database them choose the one that supports your preferred one.

Strong Tech System

Strong tech, or customer, support is a highly desirable factor in any web hosting service; not necessarily, everyone who has a website also has the techy knowledge to understand all the dos and don’ts of a site. Even if you have the required knowledge of how things work around a website, you need to make sure that the web host is offering an array of tech support. Browse around the website and see what options they are offering through which you could reach them. Check if they have a library of tutorials or help articles in case you get stuck in the process, other customer support options include emails, phones, ticket systems, live chat etc. It is better to choose the one who has round the clock live chat system to get prompt response and help.

Strong Server Security

Strong server security is an absolute must if you do not want to be left in the mid of nowhere if, in any case, your website crashes or a hacker gets into your system. Now pay attention, DO NOT CHOOSE A WEB HOSTING COMPANY THAT DOES NOT HAVE STRONG SERVER SECURITY SYSTEM, now that we are pretty clear, let’s move further. Some web hosting services do regular site backups while others maybe more susceptible to crashing; a web host with a strong server security will help you in retrieving a big part of your website of anything unexpected happens. Check what backup options is the company offering, will it help in getting back your website’s data? Does it give any options by which you can do it yourself? If they don’t offer any such options, it is better to figure out any solution or just find a company that is having a backup retrieval support.

Environment Friendly

Now this is quite important if you care about the environment; finding an eco-friendly web hosting service is a daunting task as the trend is in its initial stages and not many are aware about it. Generally, a web server gives off more than 620KG of carbon dioxide and consumes about 1,000 KWh of energy, per annum, which is a tremendous amount and if we multiple it with the energy of several servers, the numbers will be alarmingly high. Conversely, a green web server produces and consumes zero energy and runs on renewable energy. Search and if you find any such web hosting company, which also meets your requirements, it is good to choose it.

Dedicated Web Hosting Track Record

There are a number of companies that offer web-hosting services as one of their many others; now we are not saying that such companies do not offer good services but we are saying that a company focused only on web hosting services will be much more attentive to all the details related to domain hosting. Such companies, usually, have the knowledge and experience of knowing about the basic to advanced requirements of different kinds of websites. We all know that a simple website will have different hosting needs than a dynamic one or an ecommerce portal and a company having a sole business focus on web hosting will have more experience related to them. Check the testimonials and portfolio to see their work. It is better to choose a devoted web hosting company but if you find any ‘multi-services’ company that offers good hosting then go for it.

Choosing a web hosting company for your domain is a big decision because it is something that you do not do every other day, hence, it is important that you take your time and choose the most trustworthy and befitting web-hosting provider for your business domain.

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