Windows Based Hosting

Standard Hosting

Hosting solution also known as web hosting solution that makes the website accessible to view and read through the worldwide web [www]. Web hosts are the commercial entities which lend data-focused space on a dedicated server either owned or leased for its further application by clients added with the internet linkage, primarily in a data centre from USA.

The web hosts can also lend data centre space and linkage with the internet for several other servers based in their data centres also called as co-location. We are offering two types of web hosting services, which are listed as under:

  • Linux based hosting services (LBHS)
  • Windows based hosting services (WBHS)

Linux-driven hosting plans are economical relatively to windows based hosting solutions. The reason is that Linux is free open source software whilst Windows is patent software of Microsoft and is subject to payment of licence fee on its use. Linux has gained remarkable popularity and is now being considered a better choice of many web hosts. Despite the fact that Linux is affordable thus it’s extremely easier to apply and quite stronger web hosting solution. It needs to be understood that this isn’t something similar to a solution that would meet all your hosting needs.

The primary reason of using Linux system is that Linux was initially developed as a low-cost operating system for Intel x86-based computers. It has been developed for many more computer hardware platforms relatively to any other operating system. It is a very famous and highly sought after operating system on servers and so on.

Comparison of Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting Platform

There are a lot of web hosting packages you only have to choose anyone from. The first step needs to be taken is in the direction of selecting web hosting platform to support your website. There is an obvious difference between the visual and functional dimensions of the web host servers.

To judge which operating system is most befitting to your website needs, thus try to remove all misunderstandings with regard to selecting the platforms, so that you wouldn’t start bemoaning yourself. You would be further guided, in case you may relate to these two basic facets of server ambiance. Follow this guideline:

Software Application

In case any website is going to employ windows-driven products and applications—like .Net, ASP, Access, Microsoft SQL, VB Script, FrontPage, Windows Streaming Media, and so on. In case, your website requirements are such that you need to use PHP or Perl or MySQL database, then it that case, go for Linux hosting platform.