Linux Based Hosting

Linux Based Hosting

Web-hosting service providers use anyone, out of two operating systems on their servers, whilst any domain is being hosted. These are called Linux and Windows – as both are considered the fundamental platforms for all operating systems.

Linux operating system is the extensively used platform for web hosting, some of very important reasons which prove the essential elements to prefer the Linux to host any domain. The underlying reason of preferring to Linux is its massive features—such as it is remarkably easy to install on any dedicated server coupled with affordable price.

Windows Based Hosting

Standard Hosting

Hosting solution also known as web hosting solution that makes the website accessible to view and read through the worldwide web [www]. Web hosts are the commercial entities which lend data-focused space on a dedicated server either owned or leased for its further application by clients added with the internet linkage, primarily in a data centre from USA.

The web hosts can also lend data centre space and linkage with the internet for several other servers based in their data centres also called as co-location. We are offering two types of web hosting services, which are listed as under: